Friday, September 7, 2012

Professional Hair Color @ Home

Last night while surfing the web I found this great site called . The site has real colorists who create a custom salon quality semi-permanent or permanent hair color for you based on your individual apearance and desired hair color.The process is simple, you answer a quick survey that asks you questions concerning things like your skin tone, natural hair color and ethnicity. Then you tell them the color you desire which is shown on a model so you can get a good idea as to what it will look like. And in case you were skeptical (like me) that you are actually getting a real live human to process your order, you can upload up to 5 pictures of yourself and even add specific details to your request about your lifestyle and concerns.
"Many clients incorrectly identify their natural or current color- people tend to think their hair is darker than it actually is," says Kim, an eSalon colorist.

the best part about this online service is that you can get it for just under $25 including shipping. But if you click here, you can try a free trial and only pay $4.95 for standard shipping or $6.94 for express shipping. Just remember to give yourself 4weeks before the big day to try any new color. This will give your stylist a healthy amount of time to correct any mistakes you may make and all coloring to settle.

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